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Amazon Web Services Usage Report Visualizer


While Amazon Web Services provide a free visualizer tool for your EBS Volume usage in the EC2 “Monitoring” section, they missed to create image charts for the other things you get billed, like the count of running EC2 instances, In- and Out Data transfer, and so on.

I wanted to try Google Chart Tools API for a long time, and that’s why I coded a simple AWS Usage Report visualizer which creates graphics of your AWS usage, based on the CSV reports which you can download from the Amazon administration portal page.

Here it is – the Amazon Web Services Report Visualizer.
There you’ll find some screenshots too, if you just to take a quick look at it.

As usual, I though it’ll take me like a few hours to code it, and in reality it took me more like 5-6 hours, duh… I hope you like the result.

If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to share them.

A screenshot teaser:

Sample chart screenshot (EC2 Data Transfer In Bytes)

Author: Ivan Zahariev

An experienced Linux & IT enthusiast, Engineer by heart, Systems architect & developer, Electronics hobbyist, Rock music & Karaoke fan, Novice guitar player & Go-kart pilot.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Web Services Usage Report Visualizer

  1. Nice! Can you share the source code? Thanks!

  2. I only get “Error, unable to parse header: Service, Operation, UsageType, Resource, StartTime, EndTime, UsageValue” when I try to upload any S3 csv’s. :/ And would cloudfront be easy to integrate too; share the code? ;)

    • The source code isn’t that easy to get shared, because it lightly depends on some other code which I use in other projects. I’ll leave it closed-source for now, and if there’s too much demand for features or there are too many bugs, I’ll spend some time to separate the code in its own SVN tree, and make it public.

      In the meantime, I’ve added a hook which sends me the CSV file on error, for debugging purposes. I’ll appreciate it if you retry now with the same CSV file, so that I can receive it on error, and fix this.

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