Here is a list with my public projects and activities:

There are many other back-end systems and scripts which I’ve done or contributed to, but unfortunately they are closed-source or protected by a NDA.

Bug reports

  • guzzle-jsonrpc bug #2: Error code accepted range (fixed in an hour).
  • StartSSL unexpected Control Panel login capability: Discovered and reported to StartSSL (won’t fix).
  • Rsync bug #9882: Incorrect exit code when sender over SSH is killed with SIGTERM (fixed).
  • Linux kernel network bug: Unable to flush ICMP redirect routes in kernel 3.0+ (fixed).
  • ProFTPD bug #3648: PUT (STOR) does not work properly after APPEND (APPE) has been used (fixed, duplicate of #3612).
  • Sudo bug #447: sudo hangs – race condition if SIGCHLD is received immediately before we call select() (fixed in sudo 1.7.5).
  • Documentation bug #3564 in Google App Engine hooks (fixed after 1 year and 4 months).
  • Linux kernel bug #14470 in networking stack (fixed).
  • Demo and Live Server URLs typo at the documentation of Resellerclub API (fixed).
  • Logwatch 7.3.6 typo in “scripts/services/exim” (fixed).
  • Ubuntu bug #575306: nvidia-current (nvidia-xconfig) missing dependency on pkg-config (no interest by Ubuntu team).
  • Ubuntu bug #575313: nvidia-settings missing dependency on python-gtk2 (fixed after 1 year and 8 months).
  • Debian bug #550116: False “Can’t send mail: sendmail process failed” errors (fixed).
  • GNU Bash bug: If you update a Bash script while executing it, you may end up in a funny situation. But you can’t beat the logic of the GNU guys… (won’t fix).
  • PHP bug #45363: PHP forgets its custom session handler after session_destroy() was called (should be fixed in PHP 5.3).
  • PHP bug #44754: Calling a bad eval() and then include(), resets $_REQUEST (won’t fix – PHP allows it, but I’m “not supposed to modify any super-globals”).
  • Wine bug #12973: QIP stopped working. However I no longer use QIP or Wine – instead I switched to native Linux applications (fixed).

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