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Waltham Karaoke Nights

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Well, they weren’t 1001 nights but I really enjoyed all of them! A colleague and I were on a business trip, just the two of us, so instead of staying at home and watching TV, we tried the karaoke bars in Waltham, MA and the nearby area.

We had quite a lot of fun with “Joanne & Jethro Miles karaoke” at “Shopper’s Cafe”, and also at “Franco’s Pizzeria & Pub” in Waltham, MA. By the way, “Franco’s Pizzeria & Pub” deserves some more attention because:

  • The karaoke has all possible songs you’ve ever heard – more than 86.000 songs!
  • They have a very nice sound setup.
  • They pay attention to their customers and you quickly become welcomed there.
  • Karaoke nights are Wednesday to Friday inclusive.
  • Cool live bands play there on Saturday.
  • They have two websites: http://www.francospizza.biz and http://www.francospizzeria.biz πŸ™‚

Let’s not forget the Krayzee Horse pub where we felt like we were back at home in Bulgaria – nice bar and young gals and boys. Plus good sound setup too.

Let me introduce two of the guys I met at the karaoke bars.

Cliff London – one wild and crazy American guy!


…and also a very good singer, and a friend. Boy, we had some good them together. He shown me around and made sure I get an idea of the local American culture. I’m happy I met him and really felt the local spirit, thanks to him. It turns out people in Europe and in Massachusetts aren’t that different. Only the surroundings have like nothing in common – bars, streets, buildings, etc – everything was different, but not necessarily better or worse, just different. Well, Cliff, don’t forget about the two Bulgarian IT guys, one day we may return.

Gerard Aucoin

A “fresh guy” as his buddy Mac described him one night. Gerry is a 50-year-old mason with a huge truck. To my question “What do you use this big truck for”, he answered, “I carry bricks in there” πŸ™‚ You would never guess he’s a mason if you hear him singing, he does it well. A friend of him heard him singing in his truck 20 years ago. Two years ago his friend started a music studio business and invited Gerry to try it out. The result is a CD with eight songs, copies of which Gerry has already given to people from Costa Rica, Canada, China, and now Bulgaria. Gerry’s secret weapon to karaoke success is that he never smoked cigarettes.

Keep on singing guys!

Author: Ivan Zahariev

An experienced Linux & IT enthusiast, Engineer by heart, Systems architect & developer.

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