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StartSSL customer care


A few days ago I had to go through the “Class 2 Identity Validation (StartSSL™ Verified)” process, so that I can issue an unlimited count of wild-card certificates.

Before even getting any deeper in the process, I first contacted StartSSL and asked them if they stand behind their words, that once verified (one time-fee $49.90/yr), a customer of theirs can issue an unlimited count of wild-card certificates. I got a pretty quick response by StartSSL stating that this is indeed true, there’s no catch.

After that I started the process of verification – registered, submitted documents, etc. There were many unknown things to me and I had to ask their support many questions (I won’t go into details as I can’t disclose all of it), and we’re almost at the end – they send me a verification postal mail. Once I get the code, we should be done.

But this post is not only about my success with StartSSL – it’s about their very quick, accurate and helpful Support service. You guys rock!

Author: Ivan Zahariev

An experienced Linux & IT enthusiast, Engineer by heart, Systems architect & developer.

2 thoughts on “StartSSL customer care

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  2. Basically in order to get StartSSL Organization verification (and certificates) you have to go through personal verification (and pay US$ 59.90) and only then you are allowed to proceed with Organization verification.
    But personal verification payment is “non-refundable” and they can delay Org. verification for as long as they like to and with any reason whatsoever till you will go elsewhere for your certificate.
    In my case they selected one of the lawyers on documents Apostille (on even on the main corp. documents) and “we trying to call him” for more than a week. Right now I have to go back to Comodo (was using it for 4 years before) for the real certificate and cancel my payment with the bank – waste of time and money!
    Not the best kind of “entertainment”…

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