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Migrate your TWiki to Google Sites (using Google Sites API and Perl)

If you want to transfer your existing TWiki webs to Google Sites, you can do it automatically with the power of the Google Sites API and Perl.

You can download the Perl script, which I used to export my TWiki webs and then import them in Google Sites, at the following page: http://www.famzah.net/download/google-api/twiki2googlesites.pl

Note that this is in no way a complete migration solution. You can use it as a demonstration/base on how to interact with the following Google API features using Perl:

Now you know that you can use Perl to interact with Google APIs. Go build your own scripts!

Update: Google released Python command line tools for the Google Data APIs (GoogleCL). They seem promising and very easy to use for simple automation tasks.

P.S. If you’re limited on time and your TWiki is relatively small on pages count, you’ve got a pretty good chance of migrating it manually with copy/paste, than writing your own migration scripts. Believe me. 🙂