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Open many interactive sessions in Konsole using a script

For 99.999% of my mass-execute tasks on many servers I use MPSSH.py which opens non-interactive SSH shells in parallel. But still there is one tedious weekly task that needs to be done using an interactive SSH shell.

In order to make the task semi-automated and to avoid typo errors, I open the Konsole sessions (tabs) from a list of servers. Here is how to do it:

for srv in $(cat server-list.txt); do konsole --new-tab --hold -e bash -i -c "ssh root@$srv" ; done

Once I have all sessions opened, I use Edit -> Copy Input to in Konsole, so that the input from the first “master” session (tab) is sent simultaneously to all sessions (tabs).

The "--hold" option ensures that no session ends without you noticing it. For example, if you had many sessions started without "--hold" and one of them terminates because the SSH connection was closed unexpectedly, the session (tab) would simply be closed and the tab would disappear. Having "--hold" keeps the terminated session (tab) opened so that you can see the exit messages, etc. Finally, you have to close each terminated session (tab) with File -> Close Session or the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + W.