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Perl API Kit for ResellerClub (DirectI)

ResellerClub offer a SOAP/WSDL API interface, in addition to their Online Control Panel, which lets you automate some of your tasks or integrate it directly with your website.

They claim to support a Perl API Kit, but it doesn’t work out-of-the box for me. Whenever I make an API call, I get the following:

soapenv:Server.userException java.lang.Exception: Body not found.

There is a similar bug report at Web Hosting Talk too.

After a few hours of struggling with SOAP::Lite, reading sources, and some trial and error, I finally was able to make the API work in Perl! 😀

If you want to try my version of their Perl API Kit, you have to execute the following:

wget --no-verbose http://www.famzah.net/download/resellerclub/resellerclub-api.tgz
tar -zxf resellerclub-api.tgz
cd resellerclub-api

vi example.pl # edit your username/password

In order to build my version of the Perl API Kit yourself, click the “show source” link below and execute the commands.

mkdir resellerclub-api
cd resellerclub-api
wget --no-verbose http://www.famzah.net/download/resellerclub/setup.sh
wget --no-verbose http://www.famzah.net/download/resellerclub/example.pl
chmod +x setup.sh example.pl

vi example.pl # edit your username/password

The scripts use some Debian/Ubuntu specific “apt-get” commands to install the required Perl and system packages, but this can easily be ported to other *nix systems too.