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Make your Dell G5 15 fast on battery

I changed my old laptop with the incredible Dell G5 5587 because I wanted a faster system. This new gaming laptop doesn’t disappoint and is very fast, even suitable for modern games. But… the moment you unplug the power adapter, the system becomes very slow. Sometimes the CPUs won’t go over 800 MHz, sometimes they will for a while but the overall experience is very sluggish.

What I tried to fix this on my Windows 10? Changed the power plan to “High performance”. Customized the power plan and configured maximum performance for the Intel graphics card and the Processor power management. Updated the BIOS. Disabled Battery Boostâ„¢ in NVIDIA GeForce Experience control panel. I even spoke with Dell technical support. Nothing helped!

Long live “juscheng” who finally suggested a working solution: “Go into your BIOS settings and turn off Intel Speed Shift and Intel SpeedStep“.

Battery life is the same after this change. It takes 2:15h to discharge the battery to 10% with office work (browser, mail client, Excel). Screen brightness was at 40%.