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Paragraph indentation fix for HTML lists in the WordPress.com Contempt theme

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Here is how a list in the original Contempt theme looks like:

Contempt HTML list, original

And here is how a designer fellow helped me change it:

Contempt HTML list, modified

The differences are as follows:

  • The indentation of the non-first lines in the list paragraph are aligned with the first line.
  • The list marker is not the symbol “o” but the original circle symbol provided by browsers.
  • The spacing between list paragraphs is a bit bigger, in order to improve the readability.

If you like the modified version better, you need to navigate to Appearance->Edit CSS and add the following CSS code there:

.entry ul li:before,#sidebar ul ul li:before {

body .entry ul {

body .entry ul li {

You can also read my other post if you like to Make WordPress.com Contempt theme layout wider.

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