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Super Micro chassis rails by Repon rock!

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I just wanted to share my excitement about the new Super Micro chassis. I’m very pleased with how the rails of the SC835 and the SC846 cases are extremely easily mounted. By the way, the rails were made by Repon, at least this is what the logo on the rails says.

It’s nothing revolutionary, and Dell chassis are having this for a longer time I think, but Super Micro caught up and kept me a very happy customer of theirs. Actually the company I work for is a customer of theirs, I’m just a System Administrator who happens to be installing a whole bunch of new Super Micro servers.

Bottom line is that the new rails mount in the rack without the usage of any tools or rack bolts/nuts. You can mount them with your bare hands. What’s the big deal with this? You spend almost no time in mounting the rails. Good work Super Micro, and Repon!

The mounting process follows in images. Sorry for the bad photo quality.


Author: Ivan Zahariev

An experienced Linux & IT enthusiast, Engineer by heart, Systems architect & developer.

One thought on “Super Micro chassis rails by Repon rock!

  1. you got lucky!!! I bought 2 Nimble Storage SAN’s and the Repon rails don’t align. In your picture the screw fits in perfectly – on mine they don’t align. I think Nimble Storage built the SAN wrong and it does not align to the Repon rails.

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