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Intel RMA experience


I want to share my outstanding experience with Intel when I wanted to return my failed Intel X-25M SSD hard drive. The disk was purchased on Mar/2009 from Amazon, and Intel claim a 3-year limited warranty for this model. So I was almost at the end of the warranty. Here is a timeline of the actions:

  • Mon, 24/Nov/2011: First I contacted Amazon, because this is what Intel’s policy states — contact the OEM provider first. Amazon directed me to contact Intel directly, so I sent them an e-mail.
  • Tue, 25/Nov/2011: 24 hours passed and I got no reply, so I decided to try the Chat support by Intel. I had to wait until it was North America work hours time; before that Chat support was unavailable. My chat with the US chat support representative was quite unhelpful — they stated that they have no idea which support center is handling my request, because I am from Europe, and they are the North America support center. So I had to wait for an e-mail reply, or try to call the EMEA support centers by phone. It was late at night here in Europe, so I decided to wait.
  • Wed, 26/Nov/2011: Got reply by e-mail from the EMEA support center. We exchanged some e-mails.
  • Thu, 27/Nov/2011: Some more tips and communications with the EMEA support member. They finally decided that I won’t be able to fix the SSD drive myself, and it should be replaced. I received a Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) order number along with instructions on how to send the defective SSD disk to Intel.
  • Fri, 28/Nov/2011: I shipped the SSD drive via DHL, as instructed. The DHL delivery was paid by Intel!
  • Mon, 31/Nov/2011: DHL delivered the package to the RMA center of Intel. It took 3 days.
  • Tue, 1/Oct/2011: Intel shipped back a package via DHL.
  • Wed, 2/Oct/2011: DHL delivered the package to me. It took 1 day — it seems that Intel used an express DHL delivery option!

I received a brand new SSD drive of the same model and size, and Intel kept me as a 100% satisfied customer! 🙂

Author: Ivan Zahariev

An experienced Linux & IT enthusiast, Engineer by heart, Systems architect & developer.

3 thoughts on “Intel RMA experience

  1. I’m about to ship my failed desktop board back to Intel the same way, was a shock to see it’s going to the Netherlands but at least they’re paying for it.

    Will report back how it goes.

  2. Hi, good expirience.

    Can you advise how to contact Amazon for RMA. So I get at least a request number to contact Intel on that

    Thank you

    • There is a “Contact us” button when you’re logged in, and also a “Help” link at the bottom of most Amazon pages. Though you probably don’t need to contact Amazon — they advised me to contact Intel directly instead.

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