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Intel RMA experience

I want to share my outstanding experience with Intel when I wanted to return my failed Intel X-25M SSD hard drive. The disk was purchased on Mar/2009 from Amazon, and Intel claim a 3-year limited warranty for this model. So I was almost at the end of the warranty. Here is a timeline of the actions:

  • Mon, 24/Nov/2011: First I contacted Amazon, because this is what Intel’s policy states — contact the OEM provider first. Amazon directed me to contact Intel directly, so I sent them an e-mail.
  • Tue, 25/Nov/2011: 24 hours passed and I got no reply, so I decided to try the Chat support by Intel. I had to wait until it was North America work hours time; before that Chat support was unavailable. My chat with the US chat support representative was quite unhelpful — they stated that they have no idea which support center is handling my request, because I am from Europe, and they are the North America support center. So I had to wait for an e-mail reply, or try to call the EMEA support centers by phone. It was late at night here in Europe, so I decided to wait.
  • Wed, 26/Nov/2011: Got reply by e-mail from the EMEA support center. We exchanged some e-mails.
  • Thu, 27/Nov/2011: Some more tips and communications with the EMEA support member. They finally decided that I won’t be able to fix the SSD drive myself, and it should be replaced. I received a Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) order number along with instructions on how to send the defective SSD disk to Intel.
  • Fri, 28/Nov/2011: I shipped the SSD drive via DHL, as instructed. The DHL delivery was paid by Intel!
  • Mon, 31/Nov/2011: DHL delivered the package to the RMA center of Intel. It took 3 days.
  • Tue, 1/Oct/2011: Intel shipped back a package via DHL.
  • Wed, 2/Oct/2011: DHL delivered the package to me. It took 1 day — it seems that Intel used an express DHL delivery option!

I received a brand new SSD drive of the same model and size, and Intel kept me as a 100% satisfied customer! 🙂