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Oculus Quest VR headset review

Here is a quick recap of my short experience with Oculus Quest:

  • It’s a wonderful device to use without a computer. The immersion is incredible, the controllers are easy to use, the interface is easy and intuitive, and it’s comfortable to wear even for my 8-year old daughter who played Beat Saber a few times.
  • Resolution is much better than the previous generation of VR headsets. There is noticeable flickering in bright scenes. The overall brightness of the screen is high and I had to lower it from the settings of the PC games.
  • The Oculus Link works with my laptop Dell G5 15 (5587) which has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060M (Max-Q design) video card. This card is listed as not supported but I saw no problems whatsoever. I had to install the latest video drivers and updated all other drivers of my laptop.
  • For the Oculus Link connection I used a $14 USB-A to USB-C cable with 2.5m length manufactured by Vivanco. The cable test by the Oculus app resulted in 1.7 Gbps transfer via USB 3. The original USB-C to USB-C cable that came with the Oculus Quest resulted in a USB 2 connection with about 0.3 Gbps transfer rate and I couldn’t get the Oculus Link to work with it.
  • The battery life when used with a computer via the Oculus Link is practically unlimited because the device is simultaneously charged while being used. The same applies if you just use the cable to charge the device.
  • I had no problems playing the Oculus Rift compatible game Dirt Rally, and I had no problems playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 via SteamVR. I’m pleasantly surprised how well SteamVR and my already installed games via Steam integrated with Oculus Quest via the Oculus Link.
  • You need a powerful CPU and video card to play the games with highest graphic details and with the highest FPS. With my Dell G5 15 I had to downgrade the graphic mode to lower settings, in order to be able to sustain 36 FPS. If I wanted the full 72 FPS, then I had to run the graphics in the lowest detail.
  • I couldn’t get Firefox to play 3D 360° content via the Oculus Link.
  • Uploading a 3D movie to Oculus Quest via the USB cable is very fast. The Gallery app lets you easily play the movie.
  • Playing car racing simulators is absolutely more realistic in VR mode! Very enjoyable! It’s actually a bit too much realistic because I got motion sickness after a dozen of seconds. I overcame this problem by shaking my head a bit while driving like you’d do if you were driving on uneven road. Therefore, I suspect that having a seat motion platform will eliminate my motion sickness entirely.
  • Field of view (FOV) while driving a car sim game is enough. I guess it’s the same if you wear a helmet. I’m used to driving go karts with a helmet.
  • I didn’t test many Oculus VR apps but they seem promising – interactive 3D movies, many games, landmark tours, etc.
  • The guardian system is easy to set up and does its job.
  • My WiFi router wasn’t discovered until I disabled WiFi channels 12 and 13. Then I could pair and setup the Oculus Quest easily using my phone.

My final verdict – Oculus Quest is an awesome product and you will definitely enjoy VR! Using it without a PC in standalone mode is easy and there are enough games and apps to enjoy. Using it with a PC via the Oculus Link requires a powerful PC to play in the highest graphics details but in lower graphics details works flawlessly, too.

After all I returned the Oculus Quest headset because of the following reasons:

  • I bought it mainly to play games on my laptop but it’s not powerful enough to support the highest graphic details in VR like it does on a monitor. If I’m about to buy a gaming rig, then maybe I’ll opt in for Oculus Rift S (or similar) because it was designed to be connected to a PC while the Oculus Link could introduce problems (compatibility, video compression artefacts, etc).
  • I was hoping for a slightly better resolution. It’s not that resolution is noticeably bad now. Compared to the first gen VR headsets, it’s much better now. But I think I’ll just wait another gen of VR hardware. Or maybe I’ll try the Pimax 8K VR headset.
  • The noticeable flickering in bright scenes and the slight motion sickness in games could be caused by the relatively low refresh rate of 72 Hz.